Tempo 298 IGA


For 2022 Tecnifibre updates the Tempo 298 Iga with a new cosmetic but keeps the specs and outstanding playability of the original model. Endorsed by rising WTA phenom Iga Swiatek, this stick delivers a great combination of speed, precision and spin. Weighted for intermediate players, the Tempo 298 is tad lighter than a typical modern player's racquet, making it one of the speedier racquets in its class. It should also satisfy more advanced ball strikers who want easy acceleration or a platform for customization. Notable technologies include Dynacore XTC, a unique material that helps reduce harsh vibrations. Tecnifibre has also filled portions of the racquet with foam to create a more solid and comfortable hitting experience. From the baseline, the Tempo 298 IGA offers a crisp and lively response with easy targeting on full swings. Like the best modern player's racquets, this stick accelerates with explosive speed, making it easier for you to generate pace and spin. Although not as heavy and stable as a traditional player's racquet, the Tempo 298 IGA feels solid for its weight while also offering advanced players plenty of room for weight customization. At net, this racquet comes around extremely fast, making it great on reaction volleys. The Tempo 298 IGA also shines on serve where you'll find enough spin and pop to put your opponent squarely on defense. Ultimately, with this light player's racquet, Tecnifibre has produced an impressive weapon for a wide range of players and ability levels.