4G 17G/1.25 String Desert Bronze


As part of the latest collection to match the performance racket to the string, the 4G Desert Bronze String showcases the beauty and persona of the V14 Pro Staff family. 4G features maximum tension maintenance and a cushioned feel on impact, lending itself to excellent playability and adaptability to the modern game defined by power and spin. Boasting the elements of a control string minus the tension loss and discomfort of early polyester strings, 4G sets the standard for players craving precision. The entire composition of this string was designed to help players reach the next level, where it's molecular chains are strategically aligned to minimize tension loss over time and it's poly-ether-ether materials enhance strength and flexibility. The 1.25 mm gauge is slightly thinner than the 1.30, which offers additional feel and control on each shot. On top of its high performance properties, the quality of these strings are unmatched by others. Not even extreme weather conditions, such as rain and humidity, will affect the playability.

  • 100% Solar Power is an initiative that uses solar panels as the main energy supply to promote a sustainable, clean environment
  • Molecular chains strategically aligned to maximize tension maintenance
  • Provides the most control from the polyester string families
  • Polyester string that features maximum tension and cushioned feel on impact
  • Composed of a materials that increases strength and flexibility of the string
  • Each set is individually numbered for quality assurance
  • Desert Bronze hues compliment the Pro Staff v14 tennis racket collection