Aaauz! Raw-Solution 17G/1.23 String Black


A fourth generation co-polyester string that offers outrageous spin. The shape flower, petal-like surface of the Aaauz! allows the vertical strings to slide generating an effect that is transferred much more easily to the ball generating very effective spin! The Aaauz! It's ideal for those who love to hit hard and want maximum control without sacrificing spin. Impressive and surprising, it is the comfort of this string, which most of our team of field testers rate very high for a co-polyester, without sacrificing the ultra-high responsiveness, that make this string a must for competitive and competitive players. high level. the special control of the old aauz has been increased, allowing great precision on fast swings. As for horsepower, the Aaauz! gave the most convincing answer, much better than a traditional co-poly. Beginners and intermediates with shorter movements may not be able to fully appreciate the magic of the Aaauz! but more experienced players – especially those who favor heavy topspin – will fall in love with this string!!!