Blade 100 V9


Introducing the Blade 100 v9! In addition to being slightly more powerful and forgiving than the Blade 98 16x19, this 2024 update delivers impressive command over the ball. It also packs a flexible 60-RA beam, giving it arm-friendly comfort and outstanding ball feedback. With its 16x19 string pattern, spin comes easy, and the speedy sub-325 swingweight makes it great for hitting shots on the run or reacting quickly at net. Like its predecessor, this update incorporates Direct Connect Technology, fusing the butt cap directly to the carbon fiber handle for increased stability. It also retains Wilson's FortyFive layup technology, which increases lateral flexibility to complement the explosive vertical mechanics of the modern game (think heavy ball). New for 2024 is StableFeel technology, which introduces a slightly firmer layup for greater stability and easier access to power. Experienced ball strikers will appreciate the new Clip & Go grommet system, which not only locks down the bumper, but also makes for easier grommet replacement. Ultimately, with minor tweaks to the feel and response the Blade 100 continues to be a solid option for those who want a maneuverable player's racquet with controllable power and great feel.