Eclipse 2 Clay Pink


The Yonex Men's Power Cushion Eclipsion Clay Tennis Shoes are part of the ECLIPSION series for intermediate and advanced players. They were developed to provide superior support for a player’s intense and dynamic footwork during play, including sudden stops and changes in direction that are core to playing tennis. With enhanced stability & fit, these shoes are designed to help players feel more confident. This Clay Court version has the signature shock-absorbing material from Yonex that has been transformed into a new shape that improves shock absorption by 28%, providing extra support on the outer side of the foot. Additionally, POWER CUSHION+ has been integrated with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU; a resilient material that exhibits both elasticity and plastic-like durability) in the outsole area, which provides increased court gripping and quickens spring back power by 5%. This enables players to quickly change their directions and finetune movements for better control.