Orbitour Spin Extreme 18G/1.15-1.36 String Silver



String Lab presents, in partnership with Pro T One, a revolutionary string, made in Austria, with an innovative oval shape, such as to have two gauges, one for the wide part, and one for the, shall we say, compressed part. String, entirely designed in terms of shape and characteristics, as well as in the different colors that characterize the different types, by our Research and Development department, headed by Eng. Gabriele Medri, technical consultant for the federation, as well as founder of Pro T One. The string was born from the idea of ​​increasing the spin generated by the elliptical shape, maintaining comfort and increased sensitivity, due to the material, the alpha olefin which means that the tension is always maintained, while to the touch and during assembly, the external coating guarantees softness and smoothness. The rope, born a year ago, has a pure competitive vocation, for expert players and strong arms. In recent months, it has been tested by ATP and WTA level players, with excellent feedback, to the point of being chosen by a player who qualified for a Grand Slam, as the string to be used in qualifications to replace the tinkering used up until now.

There are 3 types:

1 GOLD, Tour-Performance version, caliber 1.24 / 1.28mm.

2 RED, Control Touch version, caliber 1.22 / 1.34mm.

3 SILVER, Spin Extreme version, caliber 1.15 / 1.36mm