Aaauz! Soft-Solution 17G/1.23 String Red


The aauz soft-solution is the natural evolution of the aaauz raw-solution, in a slightly more elastic and powerful version. The bright, fluorescent red color gives it explosiveness and feeling, thanks to the polymers rich in silicone oils and liquid wax. The petal, octagonal shape guarantees grip of extreme rotations, power, while maintaining a discreet control and an accentuated feeling on the ball. However, we managed to preserve the dynamic duration of the string, which stands at over 10 hours of play, with an average stiffness of 0.8, positioning it with satisfaction among the medium poly! The two calibres, specially designed, go well with tight-weave (for the 1.23mm calibre) or loose-weave (for the 1.28mm calibre) frames. Excellent feedback also for hybrid use, with the 1.28mm caliber on the verticals (main) and 1.23mm on the horizontals (cross), which guarantees 30% more spins even on frames not exactly suitable for spin.