Atomic 17G/1.25 String Blue


It doesn't return many stresses to the arm, but it gives great power and liveliness to the shots. The control is also definitely a pleasant discovery. The softness that characterizes this mono amplifies the margin of tolerance of the shots, and in any case the ball always comes out of the fast stringbed both at the net and in lifted shots. The technical features allow you to: – directing shots precisely - Expand the power of smashes and serves that this string is designed for. It is recommended on a large number of frames, from the more classic ones to the more modern and profiled ones. Essentially designed for “loose” weave frames, it is also excellent as a hybrid version, not only with gut or multi, but also with a hybrid with opposite characteristics. Being a non-shaped one, it is more difficult to spin, but that doesn't make it impossible. The external sheath with which it is built guarantees an excellent grip.