Gorill-5 16G/1.30 String Black


Gorill-5 is a top notch co-poly powered by BRE (pentagonal round edge for maximum spin) technology proprietary to String-Kong®, in combination with Raw Tech to increase comfort when hitting the ball. Gorill-5 is the enhanced version of our co-poly bestseller: Gorill-1. It is a little less springy than the Gorill-1 but clearly improved in every aspect.
In fact, thanks to the use of new additives and new working methods, the Gorill-5 is further improved compared to the Gorill-1, both from the point of view of comfort, power and durability, and above all as regards the snap-back and the enormous rotation that can be given to the ball. The current “recipe” of the Gorill-5 is the string that during prototyping and testing has received the most favor from our playtesters, more than any other string we have previously produced!
Gorill-5 has a really large userbase: from beginner to pro player.
Best performances are met only if it will be strung by certified stringers and with a tension between 20kg and 25kg.