Mega Tac Black 3 pack


  • An exclusive polyurethane coating creates an ultra tacky surface that literally clings to your hand.
  • ​No other grip comes close to delivering the same feel.
  • Most other tacky grips lose their tack in about 30 minutes of play. Mega Tac lasts about 10 to 14 hours under normal playing conditions.
  • ​ Eliminate twisting and turning with the thin style and extra durable construction
  • Ideal for tennis but also great for Pickleball paddles, Baseball bats, Badminton racquets, Squash Racquets, Racquetball Racquets, Ping Pong Paddles, Golf Grips, Bike Handlebars, Archery, Rowing, Dumbbells, Fishing poles, you name it.
  • ​Made in the USA