Paradox Pro 16G/1.29 String Green


Paradox Pro is a new type of string. Same way aluminum changed the game when it was integrated into the composition of some co-poly strings years ago (we currently use it in Tour Sniper and Game Changer Silver), we have now developed Grapplesnake Paradox Pro, which uses other metals in higher percentages in a way that feels unique. This new generation string is also different and almost hard to fully classify it as a co-poly. There is no other string in the market that is made using the difficult technical processes we developed for Paradox Pro.

The name Paradox Pro comes from the paradigms this string is breaking and how counter-intuitive this seems, at first: Paradox Pro is solid and accurate with a vintage feel, but also very comfortable. It's also powerful, but with superb precision. It's durable but soft feeling. It's round but provides great spin due to its unique abrasive surface.

One major aspect of the string is the minimal time required for break-in, and its extended playability duration to the point of not "going dead", simply breaking while maintaining optimal playability until the very end. We believe these qualities will become the new benchmark.